A Foreigner in London

November 17, 2010

During July, August and beginning of September I was working in the English adaption of Medeia, A Estrangeira that was previously performed in Lisbon. Named Medea, The Foreigner (a translation of the Portuguese title), it was performed at the Bridewell Theatre in London, and for that purpose it took a very new shape. More people were involved, changes were made and it was great to see how the show related to the British audience. I had the pleasure to work with the actor Pete Picton, the cellist Nina Plapp and the designer Ingrid Hu. It was also great to have Beci Ryan working as a stage manager for the project, as well as all the ushers who helped in the performances. The theatre is a beautiful space that not only is very well managed but also offers great support for their visiting companies. Once again the costumes by Lenka Padysakova were a success and so were the pictures in the photographic exhibition Medea by Sofia Berberan. Medea, The Foreigner was photographed at the Bridewell Theatre by Siobhan Bradshaw and her work captures very well the atmosphere of the show. Now Medea has to flap her wings and travel. Another country, maybe another language…

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