Nicole/Medea in Lisbon

July 4, 2010

During the whole month of May and half June I was working on a new project in Lisbon: a stage adaptation of Euripides’ classical tragedy Medea. This project is a collaboration with the Portuguese director Patrícia Carreira that will also be performed in London in the end of August 2010. Medeia, A Estrangeira (Medea, The Foreigner) counted with the participation of many international artists. From Spain, we had the assistant director Sara Martínez-Viejo. From Portugal, we had the actors Carlos Vieira de Almeida and André Amálio, the cellist Carolina Matos, the set designer José Manuel Castanheira (the set was built by the Empresa Portuguesa de Cenários Ltd), the graphic designer Mafalda Moreiro, the lighting design from Aldeia da Luz. From Slovakia, we had the costume designer Lenka Padysakova. From Wales, we had the contribution of Icreatefilms. Medeia, A Estrangeira was performed from the 2nd to the 13th June at the Teatro da Comuna, a much renowned venue in Lisbon, which was also the site for the exhibition of the photographer Sofia Berberan. Being part of the project, Sofia’s work focused on Medea’s story before the story that is told during the show. I am currently working on the production and adaptation for London. Time flies so watch this space!

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