November 7, 2009


Nicole Pschetz

Where: The Place, 17 Duke’s Road, London, WC1H 9PY
When: 12th November
Tickets cost £10, £8 and limited £5* [£5 tickets for the next 15 people to register at ]
Book it by phone 020 7121 1000

“As a prelude to The London Jazz Festival, and an epilogue to African history month , Darren Vidal Montgomery Taylor (jazzreloaded, Jazz Warriors AfroPeans, The Mighty Jeddo, The Courtney Pine Band, The Omar Puente Band) brings his debut sci-fi novel THE HORIZON VENTURE to life with a multimedia jazz operetta of visuals, spoken word and dance theatre, all set to his own compositions and arrangements and performed live.”

Featuring : Chris Jerome – Keyboards, Daniel Crosby – Drums, Donald Gamble – Percussion, Nanar Vorperian – Vocals, Samy Bishai – Violin, And the physical theatre performer Nicole Pschetz

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