June is here and Nicole Pschetz and Antonio Blanco are now half way through their 6 months residency at the Archive Room. During this time they have been working on creating a short film, which was finally shot on the 22nd May at the Old Police Station in New Cross. In order to make that happen they counted with the talent of a few collaborators, such as: Tan Bin, the genius who found ways to shoot in their very complicated and claustrophobic location; Nicole’s long term work partner Maria Rita Salvi, who was responsible for the also complicated hair style; Edwin John, their favourite make up artist, who worked on their transformation into the characters; Warwick Hewson, with his acting skills that surprised all; and finally, Utkarsh Thukral who is still editing the film. There is still lots of work to be done but it’s been amazing to see great people working together and so far they are all very pleased with the results. We can’t wait…


March started with great news! Nicole Pschetz and her new collaborator and performer Antonio Blanco have joined forces with other performers at The Archive Room. For 6 months they will be sharing this collaborative space at The Old Police Station in New Cross. The Archive Room will be the home for 2 to 3 new projects that will be co-created and performed by Nicole and Antonio. Maria Rita is also a solid collaborator who will be involved in occupying this space, as well as other artists who will help with those productions. 2011 has started in March for us and we are looking forward to developing our work in this new year. Check out The Old Police Station – a Do It Yourself Arts Centre online at:



Welcoming 2011

January 2, 2011

2010 is over and we are now getting ready to work on projects and collaborations that will take place in 2011. Maria Rita will continue doing the teaching training in Skinner Release Technique that she started in 2010. Once again the training will take place during the summer. She will also help me in a new project I have started last November with the Mexican performer Antonio Blanco. Named La Ola (The Wave), it is the result of our desire to talk about ‘love’. As we know it is not the easiest subject to work on. But as our research continues we have been finding many possibilities and sources of inspiration. The starting point is the short story Mi Vida Con La Ola (My Life with the Wave) by Octavio Paz. From that story me and Antonio have already created a short performance that was presented during the Casa Latin American Festival 2010 in London. Our intention is to continue expanding the work and getting other artists involved in it. The photographer Siobhan Bradshaw, another one of my usual collaborators, has taken some pictures during our rehearsals.

A Foreigner in London

November 17, 2010

During July, August and beginning of September I was working in the English adaption of Medeia, A Estrangeira that was previously performed in Lisbon. Named Medea, The Foreigner (a translation of the Portuguese title), it was performed at the Bridewell Theatre in London, and for that purpose it took a very new shape. More people were involved, changes were made and it was great to see how the show related to the British audience. I had the pleasure to work with the actor Pete Picton, the cellist Nina Plapp and the designer Ingrid Hu. It was also great to have Beci Ryan working as a stage manager for the project, as well as all the ushers who helped in the performances. The theatre is a beautiful space that not only is very well managed but also offers great support for their visiting companies. Once again the costumes by Lenka Padysakova were a success and so were the pictures in the photographic exhibition Medea by Sofia Berberan. Medea, The Foreigner was photographed at the Bridewell Theatre by Siobhan Bradshaw and her work captures very well the atmosphere of the show. Now Medea has to flap her wings and travel. Another country, maybe another language…

Maria Rita Salvi is about to become a fully qualified Skinner Releasing teacher. She spent the Summer 2010 training at the Coventry University, and very soon she will be teaching this amazing dance technique. Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT) is the pioneering approach to dancing that is based on the principle that when we are releasing tension we can move more freely, powerfully and articulately. If you would like to know more about it you may follow the link for the Falling Wide Projects:


If you would like to experience that in practice, they also have information about future workshops and courses. Alternatively, we will also keep you posted about future workshops lead by Maria Rita.

Maria Rita, August 2010

And it is finally ready! The new Horizon Venture promotional video by Simon Beckett is now available online at:


The Horizon Venture Team

Nicole/Medea in Lisbon

July 4, 2010

During the whole month of May and half June I was working on a new project in Lisbon: a stage adaptation of Euripides’ classical tragedy Medea. This project is a collaboration with the Portuguese director Patrícia Carreira that will also be performed in London in the end of August 2010. Medeia, A Estrangeira (Medea, The Foreigner) counted with the participation of many international artists. From Spain, we had the assistant director Sara Martínez-Viejo. From Portugal, we had the actors Carlos Vieira de Almeida and André Amálio, the cellist Carolina Matos, the set designer José Manuel Castanheira (the set was built by the Empresa Portuguesa de Cenários Ltd), the graphic designer Mafalda Moreiro, the lighting design from Aldeia da Luz. From Slovakia, we had the costume designer Lenka Padysakova. From Wales, we had the contribution of Icreatefilms. Medeia, A Estrangeira was performed from the 2nd to the 13th June at the Teatro da Comuna, a much renowned venue in Lisbon, which was also the site for the exhibition of the photographer Sofia Berberan. Being part of the project, Sofia’s work focused on Medea’s story before the story that is told during the show. I am currently working on the production and adaptation for London. Time flies so watch this space!

The Horizon Venture had its last show in the series in January 2010 at RichMix. The project is still to be continued and I am looking forward to its next stage. For now, Simon Beckett has recently finished a new promotional video for the show and soon it will be available online. It’s  a beautiful piece of work that was not only filmed by Simon but it was also edited by him.

November 7, 2009


Nicole Pschetz

Where: The Place, 17 Duke’s Road, London, WC1H 9PY
When: 12th November
Tickets cost £10, £8 and limited £5* [£5 tickets for the next 15 people to register at http://www.thehorizonventure.com ]
Book it by phone 020 7121 1000

“As a prelude to The London Jazz Festival, and an epilogue to African history month , Darren Vidal Montgomery Taylor (jazzreloaded, Jazz Warriors AfroPeans, The Mighty Jeddo, The Courtney Pine Band, The Omar Puente Band) brings his debut sci-fi novel THE HORIZON VENTURE to life with a multimedia jazz operetta of visuals, spoken word and dance theatre, all set to his own compositions and arrangements and performed live.”

Featuring : Chris Jerome – Keyboards, Daniel Crosby – Drums, Donald Gamble – Percussion, Nanar Vorperian – Vocals, Samy Bishai – Violin, And the physical theatre performer Nicole Pschetz

Nicole in Rehearsal

Photo by Siobhan Bradshaw

Nicole is currently working on a piece for The Horizon Venture multimedia show that will be at The Place in November. This new collaboration is part of an amazing project where musicians and visual artists are also involved. Here are some of the pictures of the latest rehearsal taken by Siobhan Bradshaw.

Photo by Siobhan Bradshaw

Photo by Siobhan Bradshaw

Siobhan is a  great photographer who lives and works in London. If you would like to check a little bit more about her work please follow the links: